Bodyform Blood Normal Campaign

Few things are more crucial and natural than periods. In fact, you wouldn’t be here to read this article if your mother didn’t have a normal and healthy menstrual cycle.

Yet somehow, we still live in a society where the most biological process is swept under the rug and replaced with a censored version of periods that society deems more appropriate. Society would rather shove all of womankind under that rug than talk about having a period. No wonder young girls still ask, “Mommy, am I dying?” when they get their first period.

Recently, the Bodyform Blood Normal campaign tossed the blue-dyed pads to the side and brought the authentic red blood to the front. Not only do their advertisements do a fantastic job of capturing the reality of the menstrual cycle, but they also help women feel more confident and empowered to be more upfront about this natural biological process, too.

Normalizing Period Talk

Want to know why we’re such huge fans of Bodyform’s period ads? Well for starters, they display periods just how they are — no added fluff necessary.

If you’re out for dinner with friends and cut your finger, you’d have no problem standing up and asking for a band-aid. So when you dig deep into your purse for that last tampon to no avail, why can’t you inquire for a pad with the same level of confidence and ease? One day you shall announce to a whole restaurant you have your period, and a line of tampon-bestowing benefactors shall line up at your feet. Chocolate shall also magically appear.

Sometimes, superstitious beliefs and menstruation go hand-in-hand, which makes it hard to normalize this natural act when there are so many theories and incorrect stigmas surrounding it. For instance, did you know that in India, the taboo surrounding periods prevents young girls and women from even being in the kitchen?

When companies and people of prominence make efforts to show periods as merely an everyday part of life, ending the stigma surrounding menstruation becomes a bit more possible.

Yes, Men Can Talk About Periods, Too

From a very young age, we’re convinced that having a period is an embarrassing event. The very thought that your crush would overhear Julie talking to you about your period would be enough to make you want to drop out of school altogether.

But it’s not just your significant other you’ve always tried to hide your periods from — it’s all other men, too. Some people refer to menstrual cycles as “womanly issues,” which confuses women into thinking periods are not a topic to discuss around men. Sadly, the association of women with hysteria still abounds. We all know the worst is when they say, “You’re on your period, aren’t you?”

It’s no surprise men have been afraid to talk about periods for so long either, especially given the fact that menstrual blood was considered diseased and contaminated throughout history. Men once viewed this natural act as a sign of impurity. But that’s long-gone history today — supposedly.

Bodyform shows a man buying a box of tampons in its ad, which is cool too because it shows that men should have no difficulty discussing periods as well. After all, they know this biological process exists. And they know their girlfriends get them, too. What’s there to be ashamed of?

Taking the Fear out of Feminine Hygiene

You sneakily grab the last package of Tampax off the shelf and hurriedly make your way to the self-checkout lane at your local Walmart. You look around and make sure that the cute cashier isn’t on his shift today. Maybe you even body block the entire transaction. You quickly toss the tampons in the bag, swipe your credit card and make a quick exit. See anything wrong with this equation?

When surveying girls in Kenya, researchers found that the majority of menstruating teens and women viewed periods with a sense of fear, shame and vulnerability. The reason we love the Bodyform Blood Normal campaign is that it shows there’s no reason to feel fear or embarrassment when buying feminine hygiene products.

Showing That Periods Don’t Have to Interfere with Life

The Bodyform Blood Normal campaign shows advertisements where women study, enjoy their daily meals and even have sex while menstruating. Basically, they go about their daily routine — proving that being on one’s period doesn’t interfere with a woman’s daily routine.

Menstruation in different cultures often means staying at home or forgoing favorite activities until Aunt Flo decides to pack up her bags and leave. And while it’s safe to say periods in the US aren’t as shunned as they once were, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room left for improvement, either.

When companies such as Bodyform choose to show periods for what they really are, they do their part in making women feel more comfortable in their skin. And that’s a great thing because we’d say we’re just about done seeing pad commercials with synthetic blue dye in place of blood — aren’t you? Glass cleaner does not a period make — it’s just called being a woman!

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