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Your partner wants to have a romp between the sheets, but your libido decided to take a vacation. You took a soak in the tub with lavender, got sexy new underwear and had a morning-long make-out session, but nada. You want to be wooed, and you like a little weed to relax. Why not combine the two, and find the best strains for female arousal? First, decipher your lady libido, and then get down to a little weed, wooing and woo-hooing.

Deciphering Your Lady Libido

Women can get a bad rap for wanting to avoid sex, with clichés ranging from ice princess with a headache to face-to-pillow syndrome, meaning a need to sleep ASAP. However, research shows women tend to have just as healthy sex drives as men do. Unfortunately, though, many of us don’t associate self-care with self-pleasure. Here are a few reasons women may lose the urge to groove in the bedroom.

  • Unfulfillment: Many women closely tie emotions to sex, and in a relationship, libido can go out the window when the relationship no longer feels fulfilling.
  • Stress: Different kinds of stress affect your libido outside of a relationship, from finances to family and career. Mind controls matter.
  • Medical problems: Mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, can influence your libido, and physical health conditions such as thyroid disorders and endometriosis also affect your arousal.
  • Low testosterone: Women aged 50 and up with 20 ng/dL or under have low testosterone levels. Women tend to have steady levels of testosterone until their 20s, and then it decreases until they reach menopause, when it drastically drops and affects libido.
  • Age: Aging can affect a woman’s arousal, too. Her levels of androgens decrease, and so can her libido.
  • Medications: Antidepressants can negatively affect libido, and so can birth control pills and drugs that lower your blood pressure. Read your prescription labels closely.

5 Best Strains for Female Arousal

If you live in a legalized state, there are a few strains of marijuana you could try out if you want to get your sexy on. Here are the five best strains for female arousal!

Chocolate Chunk


Have your chocolate-covered strawberries with a side of Chocolate Chunk, which is heavy on the Indica and relaxes you at up to 22 percent THC. Calm those weary work muscles and get in the mood. If you prefer to light up and discuss philosophy and aliens, you probably want one of the other best strains for female arousal. Chocolate Chunk’s more about the physical experience than cerebral meanderings.

Purple Power


Don’t want to feel sedated? Keep your sexual priorities crystal clear with Purple Power, which has a THC content of 15 to 18 percent. The moderate high hangs around for a few hours, but some users experience a more mind-blowing high.

Purple Power gives you that kind of buzz when you want to make like Jack in “Titanic,” memorize every inch of your lover’s body in charcoal and then leave a few hand prints on steamed-up windows.

Green Love Potion


Move over, Love Potion No. 9 — Green Love Potion will up the lady libido with a lower-THC serving of 11 to 24 percent. The effects seduce you slowly, so choose this strain if you want a sensual, intimate night full of foreplay. You’ll have your friends green with envy when you tell them how incredible your lovemaking was last night — all five hours of it.

Green Crack


Crack a sexy smile with Green Crack, which offers THC at around 24 percent. People used to refer to this strain as “Cush,” but Snoop Dogg gave it a new name after feeling the strong effects. Green Crack boasts Sativa-like characteristics with several dashes of Indica as a hybrid. It generates creativity, boosts energy and even makes doing dishes sexy.

Make your babe dessert and get ready for some after-dessert sex-aerobics. You’ll have plenty of energy for it!

Dutch Treat


No San Francisco treats for you. Your speed is more the Dutch Treat, with a minimal THC of 15 percent or a high as potent as 30 percent. Choose your adventure with this Indica-heavy strain perfect for schmoozing and light socializing, and if you plan to try out a few new positions, push toward the higher end of THC.

Beware. You may climb the walls, which is perfect if rope’s already involved.

Treat yourself with a little Dutch Treat, or cast a sexual spell on yourself and your partner with Green Love Potion. With a little weed and wooing, woo-hooing is possible, pleasurable and unforgettable!

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