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a few post pregnancy ab workouts

Post-Pregnancy Ab Workouts That Will Change Your Life

You felt muscles you didn’t know you had when you pushed that tiny human out of your body. Now, it’s time to coax those abs out of hiding with a post-pregnancy ab workout. The key to inviting your abs and the rest of your core out to play means working both the underlying and overlying […] Read more…

sharp stomach pain after eating what causes it

Sharp Stomach Pain After Eating: What Might Be Causing It?

Maybe you ate a meal that set your senses on fire — and a few other body parts, as it turns out. You feel abdominal pain that sharpens progressively even well after the meal. What do you do when you feel sharp stomach pain after eating? What might cause it? From overeating to pelvic inflammatory […] Read more…

plant protein vs animal protein

Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein — What’s the Difference?

In an attempt to foster a healthy diet, you always make sure to include those key nutrients and vitamins into your everyday meals — which means getting enough protein is often at the top of your dietary priority list. But when it comes down to actually getting your daily source of protein, you may have […] Read more…

twins discovered late in pregnancy

Twins Discovered Late in Pregnancy: How Often Are Twins Missed on Ultrasounds?

It’s hard enough planning for one baby without worrying about whether there will be more. Even if you’re told multiple times that you’re only having one, you might still be convinced you’re having double. Tales of twins discovered late in pregnancy may cause you to wonder, how often are twins missed on ultrasounds, really? The […] Read more…

stomach pain after losing virginity

How to Know If Pain After Losing Virginity Is Normal

You may have learned in sex ed and conversations that some pain may accompany the loss of your virginity, but what if that pain persists after the fact? How can women know if pain after losing virginity is normal? Many factors go into the degree of pain you may experience when you have sex the […] Read more…

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