how does eyebrow threading work for me

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

Wax. Strip. Rip. Tweeze. Repeat. It might seem as though you have only one option for swiftly reshaping your brows, but threading can be a better alternative for your arches. Of course, if you haven’t had the treatment before, you’re likely wondering, “how does eyebrow threading work?” The process is just as precise and, for […] Read more…

how often should you change your pad

How Often Should You Change Your Pad?

Not every female experiences the same menstrual cycle, so throw “normal” out the window once you get to know your body. You know your normal. Some women start their period off with heavy bleeding and others start theirs off with light bleeding. The initially heavy bleeders may end light while the initially light bleeders end […] Read more…

unusual symptoms of pcos

Unusual Symptoms of PCOS to Know About

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common female health problem. As such, it’s a condition that’s often discussed, but very rarely fully understood. Many women know that PCOS is associated with irregular periods and potential fertility complications, but they’re unaware that this condition can manifest in unexpected ways, too, and they don’t know what the unusual […] Read more…

olive oil benefits for skin2

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin and Health

Olive oil is a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional oils and fats, making it the number one choice for chefs and avid cooks alike looking to add a healthy spin to their favorite dishes. But while you may already know that olive oil boasts a high nutritional value, did you know that it also […] Read more…

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