how the menstrual cycle changes with seasons

How the Menstrual Cycle Changes with Seasons

When it comes to your period, you’ve probably learned by now that you should never get too comfortable with your cycle. Most of us will experience changes in the length of our cycle, fluctuations in flow and even changing PMS symptoms. And there’s another possibility — perhaps your menstrual cycle changes with seasons, too. If […] Read more…

so what causes tss

What Causes TSS?

When people first hear about TSS, it can easily frighten them. Especially for young girls starting menstruation, the disease can tempt many to steer clear of tampons and fret about their periods. But what causes TSS? Many assumptions and rumors about toxic shock syndrome leave people with misunderstandings about the causes of the condition. Horror […] Read more…

what is endometriosis in women

What Is Endometriosis?

Suffering from unusually painful periods? Having difficulty conceiving? Women experiencing these symptoms should ask their OB/GYN about their risk of endometriosis. But what is endometriosis? Endometriosis affects one out of every 10 women between the ages of 15 and 49. While the impact of endometriosis varies in severity, even mild cases of endometriosis may cause complications. Here’s […] Read more…

how long does menopause last

How Long Does Menopause Last Typically?

As a woman, you know that menopause will one day be — or currently is — a reality. While you may be excited to kiss all of those pesky period symptoms goodbye, you may not be thrilled to welcome in the whole new set of signs that define this new womanly change. Fortunately, your menopause […] Read more…

what is post-menstrual syndrome and how to stop it

What Is Post-Menstrual Syndrome?

You’ve heard people talk about PMS like it’s a sign of the apocalypse or something, but when those symptoms hang around long after Aunt Flo fled, it leaves you wondering if Aunt Flo’s got a relative she didn’t tell you about. She does, and it’s time to ask the question: what is post-menstrual syndrome? What […] Read more…

how often should you change your pad

How Often Should You Change Your Pad?

Not every female experiences the same menstrual cycle, so throw “normal” out the window once you get to know your body. You know your normal. Some women start their period off with heavy bleeding and others start theirs off with light bleeding. The initially heavy bleeders may end light while the initially light bleeders end […] Read more…

heres how to reduce breast pain before periods

How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods

You’re likely to experience bloating, cramping and mood swings right before Mother Nature pays her monthly visit. And while many of us have managed to find a way to alleviate these symptoms, adding breast pain to the mix just makes things that much more frustrating. So you may be wondering how to reduce breast pain […] Read more…

how soon toxic shock symptoms appear

How Soon Do Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms Appear?

We’ve all heard the nightmares about toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Maybe it’s even caused you to start walking right by the tampons and opting for pads instead. All you have to do is avoid tampons and you’re golden, right? Over many moons, your vigilance falters, and convenience wins out. But then maybe you do leave […] Read more…

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