the most common female health problems to know

Most Common Female Health Problems

Both men and women alike have an equal chance of experiencing health-related mishaps during their lifetime. But some specific health problems are much more prevalent in women, and the most common female health problems deserve recognition — especially when considering their rates of occurrence. What Are Some of the Most Common Female Health Problems? You […] Read more…

how does eyebrow threading work for me

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

Wax. Strip. Rip. Tweeze. Repeat. It might seem as though you have only one option for swiftly reshaping your brows, but threading can be a better alternative for your arches. Of course, if you haven’t had the treatment before, you’re likely wondering, “how does eyebrow threading work?” The process is just as precise and, for […] Read more…

sharp stomach pain after eating what causes it

Sharp Stomach Pain After Eating: What Might Be Causing It?

Maybe you ate a meal that set your senses on fire — and a few other body parts, as it turns out. You feel abdominal pain that sharpens progressively even well after the meal. What do you do when you feel sharp stomach pain after eating? What might cause it? From overeating to pelvic inflammatory […] Read more…

types of vision problems

Types of Vision Problems Women Should Be Aware of

Have you had an eye exam in the last year? Although women are at a higher risk for contracting various types of vision problems than men, most would tell you that they only see an optometrist when necessary. For those who have 20/20 vision, the thought of maintaining eye health and engaging in regular checkups […] Read more…

stomach pain after losing virginity

How to Know If Pain After Losing Virginity Is Normal

You may have learned in sex ed and conversations that some pain may accompany the loss of your virginity, but what if that pain persists after the fact? How can women know if pain after losing virginity is normal? Many factors go into the degree of pain you may experience when you have sex the […] Read more…

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