tips for staying hydrated in the summer

Tips for Staying Hydrated During the Warm Season

The first warm days after winter might be some of the best ones of the whole year. People shed their bulky jackets and itchy sweaters for shades, sandals and all that sunshine.For all its goodness, though, warm weather presents a big con — dehydration. You’ll need some killer tips for staying hydrated if you want […] Read more…

how does diabetes affect a woman sexually and what are the symptoms of diabetes in women

Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that manifests when an individual’s insulin levels are irregular. The symptoms of diabetes can have a considerable influence on the lifestyles of both women and men alike. However, while this disease afflicts patients of both genders, there are symptoms of diabetes in women that are unique to their gender. Many […] Read more…

what to know about low blood pressure in women

Low Blood Pressure in Women: What to Know

Most people mistakenly believe that only high blood pressure poses a serious health risk while low blood pressure presents less to no harm. While people typically desire to lower their blood pressure, excessively low blood pressure may indicate an underlying health issue. In rare instances, low blood pressure constitutes a medical emergency. And low blood […] Read more…

Most Common Female Health Problems: eating disorders in women

Most Common Eating Disorders in Women

Poor body image takes its toll in many ways. A personal view of beauty doesn’t just affect thoughts or mood — it can also change our actions and destroy our self-care practices. In the worst cases, the way people perceive themselves can lead to serious health problems. Eating disorders in women affect body functions, long-term […] Read more…

exercises to avoid during early pregnancy2

Exercises to Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Exercising is an easy way to stay in shape, boost your mood and feel great — which is why pregnant women are often more than willing to get their heart pumping in an attempt to keep both themselves and their baby fit and healthy. If you’re experiencing pesky yet common early symptoms of pregnancy like morning […] Read more…

best time to exercise morning or evening

Is the Best Time to Exercise Morning or Evening?

Some people would say that nothing beats the feeling of a 7 a.m. run through their local park as they get their body prepared for the upcoming day. And others would tell you there’s no way they’d even roll out of bed before the crack of dawn, let alone lace up their jogging shoes and […] Read more…

plant protein vs animal protein

Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein — What’s the Difference?

In an attempt to foster a healthy diet, you always make sure to include those key nutrients and vitamins into your everyday meals — which means getting enough protein is often at the top of your dietary priority list. But when it comes down to actually getting your daily source of protein, you may have […] Read more…

how to regulate your period naturally

How to Regulate Your Period Naturally

Most of us don’t necessarily love getting our period, but most women do breathe a sigh of relief when they know they can always expect it at a certain time. But what happens when there seems to be no rhyme or reason to your menstrual cycle and you find yourself bleeding at the most unexpected […] Read more…

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