tips on how to flirt subtly

How to Flirt Subtly Without Being Disrespectful

So you wanna learn how to flirt, huh? If your current romantic advances usually end with awkward silence, uncomfortable conversation or flat out rejection, it’s possible that you may be coming on too strong. Fortunately, learning how to flirt subtly may just transform the way you approach others — and the way they approach you. […] Read more…

what is an asexual person understanding asexuality

Understanding Asexuality: What Is Asexuality?

Did you know that approximately 1% of the population is asexual? In a world with 7.5 billion people, that means that roughly 75 million people identify with this sexuality. But what is an asexual person? What does this term mean? Even though such a hefty amount of people are asexual, we still have so much […] Read more…

how to make friends who are good for you

How to Make Friends That Benefit Your Mental Health

Friendships allow a safe place for you to vent when things grow rocky and a squad to celebrate with when you achieve your goals. Can friendships help keep you mentally healthy? Absolutely! You just need to know how to make friends who are right for you. In fact, overlooking the importance of friendship can prove […] Read more…

the benefits of relationships on psychological well-being

8 Benefits of Relationships on Psychological Well-Being

Your relationships help you define who you are and who you care about, and positive friendships and other interpersonal relationships go a long way toward making life happier and more satisfying. Humans are social animals who start to psychologically wither when isolated. But what exactly are the benefits of relationships on psychological well-being? While there […] Read more…

what are the psychological effects of breakups

12 Psychological Effects of Breakups

As the old song goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Just as every relationship is unique, every breakup goes down differently — some breakups leave us feeling relieved while others leave us shattered. What are the psychological effects of breakups? Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the split, it’s normal to experience a crazy mix […] Read more…

healthy relationship tips for couples who are nonmonogamous

8 Healthy Relationship Tips for Couples Who Are Non-Monogamous

Traditionally, many relationships had a fairly linear trajectory: Two people met, shared a few dates, perhaps lived together and then got married. The ultimate goal was typically “you, me and baby makes three,” often with little variation. But want to know one of my top healthy relationship tips for couples? Kick expectations to the curb! […] Read more…

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