Harassment Investigation Procedures

Harassment Investigation Procedures After #MeToo: Workplace Safety, Health and Happiness

Women have made great strides over the past year or so in bringing to light the complicated and sensitive topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. In the wake of the start of #MeToo, #TimesUp and similar movements, many are asking: what changes have been made, and what changes can we continue to make? The […] Read more…

best women's blogs on health

Best Women’s Blogs on Health

Many of the “best women’s blogs on health” tend to say the same old things. Try this goop. Hack your cleaning routine to get more sleep. When that fails, sage everything. Well, that’s what it feels like sometimes, anyway. Among all those trending and repetitive posts, though, are some real gems that educate and titillate. […] Read more…

the orgasm gap

The Orgasm Gap: What Is It and How Do We Close It?

We’ve made great strides to decrease the wage gap because almost everyone agrees women deserve to make just as much as men. Slowly but surely, misogyny in our society is spiraling deeper down the ugly void that it already exists in. We can only hope that one day, we’re able to completely bury it. Speaking […] Read more…

sexual health initiatives

Sexual Health Initiatives That We Love

The days of quiet whispers and hushed talks about sex are long gone. Talking about sexual health should no longer be taboo. As the pathways for sexual health communication expand, the sexual health initiatives made to help women enjoy greater rights and resources grow, too. And we’re not just talking about the efforts made to […] Read more…

Woman Laying in Flowers

Why Is Sexual Health Important?

Ahh, the birds and the bees. You’re probably already sat through countless lectures as a teenager that informed you about condoms and contraceptives, so what else is there to know? Sex is generally a fun activity, but it’s way better when you feel good about yourself — both psychologically and physiologically, too. And sexual health […] Read more…

feminist sites

Feminist Sites to Follow, Like, Yesterday

Since expanding my writing outside of my blog, I’ve discovered such a beautiful community of women banded together for a common cause. They make themselves heard through their writing at various wonderful feminist sites and blogs, and so can you! These best feminist websites offer opportunities for writers outside of their staff to contribute articles […] Read more…

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