osteoarthritis in women facts

Osteoarthritis in Women: What You Should Know

Most of us expect a few aches and pains as part of the natural aging process. However, osteoarthritis in women cripples far too many females who still have much life remaining to live. Osteoarthritis refers to the gradual wearing away of the cartilage protecting our joints when they rub against each other. When this cartilage […] Read more…

kegels to induce labor

Kegels to Induce Labor: Does It Work?

You were told a pregnancy only takes 9 months — but your baby apparently didn’t get the memo. If your due date comes and goes and your little one still hasn’t made their arrival, you’re likely eager to do whatever you can in your power to ensure a faster, more successful delivery. While you may have […] Read more…

a few post pregnancy ab workouts

Post-Pregnancy Ab Workouts That Will Change Your Life

You felt muscles you didn’t know you had when you pushed that tiny human out of your body. Now, it’s time to coax those abs out of hiding with a post-pregnancy ab workout. The key to inviting your abs and the rest of your core out to play means working both the underlying and overlying […] Read more…

best pool workouts for athletes who are injured

Pool Workouts for Athletes Who Are Injured

Being an athlete means grueling through intense workouts — which often indicates putting oneself at an increased risk for injury, too. If you’re a self-proclaimed athlete, you’re all too familiar with the hurt and damage commonly associated with your sport. Do you know how beneficial pool workouts for athletes who are injured can be? Although […] Read more…

exercises to avoid during early pregnancy2

Exercises to Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Exercising is an easy way to stay in shape, boost your mood and feel great — which is why pregnant women are often more than willing to get their heart pumping in an attempt to keep both themselves and their baby fit and healthy. If you’re experiencing pesky yet common early symptoms of pregnancy like morning […] Read more…

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