the benefits of strength training for seniors and building muscle after menopause

Building Muscle After Menopause: Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Many people linger under the mistaken belief your golden years should be a time of rest, relaxation and exercise no more vigorous than a round of golf using a cart. But keeping moving at any age provides enormous health benefits. The benefits of strength training for seniors include increased independence and healthier bones, to name […] Read more…

osteoarthritis in women facts

Osteoarthritis in Women: What You Should Know

Most of us expect a few aches and pains as part of the natural aging process. However, osteoarthritis in women cripples far too many females who still have much life remaining to live. Osteoarthritis refers to the gradual wearing away of the cartilage protecting our joints when they rub against each other. When this cartilage […] Read more…

health benefits of gardening

Health Benefits of Gardening: Why Gardening Is Good for Mind and Body

Bare fingers and toes break into the soil — there’s nothing like connecting with the Earth, the scent of lemon verbena absorbing into your skin. How often do we dull our senses in favor of convenience and the numbness of living life on autopilot? Are you aware of the health benefits of gardening? More and more […] Read more…

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