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what is the love hormone and its impact on attachment

The Love Hormone and Its Impact on Attachment

New relationships come with all the feels, from excitement and butterflies to arousal and attachment. But where do these feelings come from? Is it the result of a spiritual connection? Or is it simple biology? It’s actually the result of the ‘love hormone’ and its impact on attachment between humans. When a new person comes […] Read more…

how long does menopause last

How Long Does Menopause Last Typically?

As a woman, you know that menopause will one day be — or currently is — a reality. While you may be excited to kiss all of those pesky period symptoms goodbye, you may not be thrilled to welcome in the whole new set of signs that define this new womanly change. Fortunately, your menopause […] Read more…

what is post-menstrual syndrome and how to stop it

What Is Post-Menstrual Syndrome?

You’ve heard people talk about PMS like it’s a sign of the apocalypse or something, but when those symptoms hang around long after Aunt Flo fled, it leaves you wondering if Aunt Flo’s got a relative she didn’t tell you about. She does, and it’s time to ask the question: what is post-menstrual syndrome? What […] Read more…

how to prevent preeclampsia2

How to Prevent Pre-Eclampsia

Few things are as beautiful as creating and carrying life. Unfortunately, the side effects of pregnancy aren’t quite as endearing. Do you know how to prevent pre-eclampsia and other adverse side effects of being pregnant? Whether this is your first pregnancy or you’re an expectant mother who’s already established a big family, you may be […] Read more…

high estrogen and anxiety2

High-Estrogen and Anxiety: Is There a Link?

Do you find yourself feeling anxious on a nearly daily basis? Life’s stressful — and we get that. When you have to juggle work, family matters and chores, it’s almost a given that you’ll feel a little tense every now and again. But did you know there’s a link between high estrogen and anxiety? If […] Read more…

unusual symptoms of pcos

Unusual Symptoms of PCOS to Know About

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common female health problem. As such, it’s a condition that’s often discussed, but very rarely fully understood. Many women know that PCOS is associated with irregular periods and potential fertility complications, but they’re unaware that this condition can manifest in unexpected ways, too, and they don’t know what the unusual […] Read more…

how to keep your endocrine system healthy

How to Keep Your Endocrine System Healthy

When your hormones are regular, you’re probably a healthier and happier you. This is why learning how to keep your endocrine system healthy can be so important to your overall well-being. Women and men alike should always pay particular attention to their endocrine system — the network of glands in their body that make the […] Read more…

gut hormone connection

Is There Really a Gut-Hormone Connection?

You know how significant it is to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and you realize that keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape is just as important, too. But you may be asking yourself, “What do the two have to do with each other?” The answer to that quest rests within an understanding of the […] Read more…

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