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Who can relate to going to the gynecologist and getting asked when your last menstrual period was, only to respond with, “Uhh….”? I always answer with my best guess, but it’s kind of embarrassing to not even know, right?

Almost every woman can benefit from tracking her menstrual cycle, and not just because she wants to keep her favorite white shorts free from turning into the prom scene from Carrie!

Tracking menstrual cycles helps women know when they’re most likely to conceive if they’re desiring to get pregnant — or serves as a warning if they don’t want a little one in the immediate future. Additionally, tracking menstrual cycles alerts women to potential health issues. Thankfully, all we need to do this is a good old-fashioned printable menstrual cycle chart!

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Why Women Should Track Their Cycles

After printing out the printable menstrual cycle chart, the information included there assists women in identifying patterns throughout their cycle. For example, some women suffer psychological distress, such as anxiety and depression, during certain times of the month. Knowing when the grumpy days are coming helps a woman prepare mentally.

Charting menstrual cycles can unearth potential underlying health conditions, such as endometriosis. Women suffering from this condition often experience unusually heavy periods and breakthrough bleeding at other times throughout the month. Using a printable menstrual cycle chart to track how long the worst symptoms last and when midcycle pain is highest helps her gynecologist make a correct diagnosis.

Women who practice the fertility method of birth control benefit enormously from tracking their periods. While most health professionals consider this method unreliable, it’s helpful to use more than one indicator, such as following on the calendar and also measuring basal temperature for added peace of mind.

Women who suffer from PMS can use their printable menstrual cycle chart to identify the right time to moderate their diet a bit to stave off the worst symptoms. For example, in the days preceding menstruation, women benefit from drinking more water and reducing salt intake to beat the bloat. Additionally, she can sip dandelion and green tea, both of which act as natural diuretics to flush out excess water.

The biggest benefit of having a menstrual cycle chart for many women is knowing the days they’re most likely to conceive. Women wanting to start a family definitely appreciate knowing their most fertile days. Filling out the chart takes only a few seconds a day, and it just may help with seeing the plus sign turn up on a pregnancy test!

Get Your Printable Menstrual Cycle Chart Today!

There’s no better time than the present to print a menstrual chart and start tracking periods. Whether a woman does so for purposes of getting pregnant, preventing pregnancy or tracking symptoms of medical problems, the chart will prove handy for doctors’ visits. More importantly, it will provide a woman with a greater sense of empowerment and control over her body. So subscribe today to get your very own printable menstrual cycle chart!

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