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On Feminism and Motherhood

Mother’s Day falls on May 13th this year. As the holiday is getting closer, we decided to take a closer look at the history of this Hallmark holiday and any existing links between feminism and motherhood. The holiday became official in 1914, and the woman behind the holiday spent much of her life fighting against […] Read more…

20 Feminist Inspirational Quotes to Adorn Your Graduation Cap With

With graduation season just around the corner, you grads are probably starting to reflect on the past four years of your life. And you’re likely looking ahead to what’s on the horizon, too. That future is limitless, especially if you’re a woman during this time of growing female empowerment! That’s why you may be thinking […] Read more…

feminist sites

Feminist Sites to Follow, Like, Yesterday

Since expanding my writing outside of my blog, I’ve discovered such a beautiful community of women banded together for a common cause. They make themselves heard through their writing at various wonderful feminist sites and blogs, and so can you! These best feminist websites offer opportunities for writers outside of their staff to contribute articles […] Read more…

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