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side effects after egg retrieval3

Side Effects After Egg Retrieval

Life is beautiful. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen as easily as it should. For women experiencing fertility issues, the idea of undergoing countless procedures in an attempt to conceive may seem uncertain, and at times, scary. You may have heard strange tales about the side effects after egg retrieval and decided not to pursue it. […] Read more…

how often should you change your pad

How Often Should You Change Your Pad?

Not every female experiences the same menstrual cycle, so throw “normal” out the window once you get to know your body. You know your normal. Some women start their period off with heavy bleeding and others start theirs off with light bleeding. The initially heavy bleeders may end light while the initially light bleeders end […] Read more…

twins discovered late in pregnancy

Twins Discovered Late in Pregnancy: How Often Are Twins Missed on Ultrasounds?

When you’ve just found out that you’re becoming a mother, you’re quickly thrown into one of the most exciting and exhilarating times of your life. There’s the rush of joy that’s followed by the concern to learn everything you can in order to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Going to your doctor regularly is a big […] Read more…

high blood pressure pregnancy

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: What’s Going on?

High blood pressure in pregnancy occurs more often than you think, but it’s not necessarily dangerous. You may have had high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, before you conceived, or you may develop gestational high blood pressure as your pregnancy progresses. You swore you were swelling up, but you don’t need this kind of […] Read more…

heres how to reduce breast pain before periods

How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods

You’re likely to experience bloating, cramping and mood swings right before Mother Nature pays her monthly visit. And while many of us have managed to find a way to alleviate these symptoms, adding breast pain to the mix just makes things that much more frustrating. So you may be wondering how to reduce breast pain […] Read more…

does alcohol affect fertility at all

Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

Perhaps you’re trying to conceive and it’s taking longer than you thought. You know that many women struggle with conceiving, but your worry may be making you analyze every chemical or substance your body comes into contact with. And that’s understandable! You know you won’t drink after becoming pregnant, but does drinking now inhibit your […] Read more…


Do Kegels Work? Yes — For More Than You Think!

Kegels — they’ve become popularly discussed in the world of female sexuality in recent years. Many women ask: Do Kegels work? The short answer is ‘yes,’ but the true answer is even more exciting — Kegels can provide women with so many health benefits that many of us still aren’t even aware of! Don’t believe […] Read more…

how soon toxic shock symptoms appear

How Soon Do Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms Appear?

We’ve all heard the nightmares about toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Maybe it’s even caused you to start walking right by the tampons and opting for pads instead. All you have to do is avoid tampons and you’re golden, right? Over many moons, your vigilance falters, and convenience wins out. But then maybe you do leave […] Read more…

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