Healthy Relationships

In an increasingly connected world, we still find time and again that few things are quite as confusing as trying to establish healthy relationships (especially as women, am I right?). This archive has all of our posts on the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of being a woman in the modern dating world! Hope you enjoy!

stomach pain after losing virginity

How to Know If Pain After Losing Virginity Is Normal

You may have learned in sex ed and conversations that some pain may accompany the loss of your virginity, but what if that pain persists after the fact? How can women know if pain after losing virginity is normal? Many factors go into the degree of pain you may experience when you have sex the […] Read more…

dating a narcissist red flags to watch out for

Are You Dating a Narcissist? Red Flags to Watch out for

Guest Post by Marissa Katrin Maldonado Chances are at one point in your dating history you have encountered a narcissist. And if you’re dating a narcissist, red flags probably abound by now. No, this is not a man or woman who stares at themselves all day in a mirror! Narcissistic personality disorder is a real […] Read more…

the orgasm gap

The Orgasm Gap: What Is It and How Do We Close It?

We’ve made great strides to decrease the wage gap because almost everyone agrees women deserve to make just as much as men. Slowly but surely, misogyny in our society is spiraling deeper down the ugly void that it already exists in. We can only hope that one day, we’re able to completely bury it. Speaking […] Read more…

Sexual Arousal Disorder and Types of Sexual Dysfunction

What Is Sexual Arousal Disorder and What Are Some Other Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction?

Many different types of sexual dysfunction lead to issues in the bedroom, and commonly, that’s sexual arousal disorder — which is pretty straightforward in meaning, given the name. What can you do to solve it? Whether you have difficulties getting aroused or just have no interest in any sexual activity, it’s crucial to reflect on […] Read more…

emotional barrier in communication

How to Bridge an Emotional Barrier in Communication with Your Partner

We’ve all been there. The door slams on your partner as you Beyonce your way out of the bedroom after a heated argument. Your voice echoes the same words you’ve said a million times before. “Why don’t you listen to me!” You yell out, “And why don’t you understand?!” Hopefully, you think, this will be […] Read more…

A Significant Couple in a Library

How Can We Create Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools?

Many teens have sex and may suffer consequences as a lack of comprehensive sex education in schools irresponsibly fails youth. Yes, teens are doing the “dirty,” and they have since the dawn of time. If teens are engaging in sexual activity, why deny them information about avoiding disease and pregnancy? Why not teach them to […] Read more…

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