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Sexual Arousal Disorder and Types of Sexual Dysfunction

What Is Sexual Arousal Disorder and What Are Some Other Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction?

Many different types of sexual dysfunction lead to issues in the bedroom, and commonly, that’s sexual arousal disorder — which is pretty straightforward in meaning, given the name. What can you do to solve it? Whether you have difficulties getting aroused or just have no interest in any sexual activity, it’s crucial to reflect on […] Read more…

emotional barrier in communication

How to Bridge an Emotional Barrier in Communication with Your Partner

We’ve all been there. The door slams on your partner as you Beyonce your way out of the bedroom after a heated argument. Your voice echoes the same words you’ve said a million times before. “Why don’t you listen to me!” You yell out, “And why don’t you understand?!” Hopefully, you think, this will be […] Read more…

A Significant Couple in a Library

How Can We Create Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools?

Many teens have sex and may suffer consequences as a lack of comprehensive sex education in schools irresponsibly fails youth. Yes, teens are doing the “dirty,” and they have since the dawn of time. If teens are engaging in sexual activity, why deny them information about avoiding disease and pregnancy? Why not teach them to […] Read more…

Woman Laying in Flowers

Why Is Sexual Health Important?

Ahh, the birds and the bees. You’re probably already sat through countless lectures as a teenager that informed you about condoms and contraceptives, so what else is there to know? Sex is generally a fun activity, but it’s way better when you feel good about yourself — both psychologically and physiologically, too. And sexual health […] Read more…

desire discrepancy

The Desire Discrepancy: Accepting Differences in Relationships and Working Past Them

Sex is a relatively important part of any healthy relationship, so it’s at least somewhat necessary to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to sexual desires and needs. A desire discrepancy between two partners can lead to problems with accepting differences in relationships and moving past them. If you don’t […] Read more…

early red flags in relationships to know

Early Red Flags in Relationships to Be on the Lookout For

Everyone wants to talk about being loved — the hard part is discussing when amorous feelings turn sour. But understanding the common early red flags in relationships can help you avoid worse heartbreak down the line. When you start a new relationship, you may find yourself enshrouded in feelings of passion, desire and overwhelming fervor. […] Read more…

tips on how to ask for what you want in bed

How to Ask for What You Want in Bed

When you roll out of bed in the morning, you probably don’t have any noteworthy problems with asking your significant other to help you out by brewing the coffee or moving the clothes out of the dryer. But when you get home for the day, unwind with your partner and kick-start a little romance, do […] Read more…

Microphone to Speak Up

If We Want True Gender Equality, This Isn’t How We Get There

Katy Perry hasn’t necessarily been a stranger to controversy this month, and the less-than-great publicity continued with a recent American Idol contestant. Last week, the show had on Contestant Benjamin Glaze, who had apparently never been kissed before, claiming he wanted to save his first kiss for his first relationship. Upon telling the American Idol […] Read more…

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