causes of low energy in females

The Most Common Causes of Low Energy in Females

“Why am I so tired?” runs through the mind as one of the top questions women ask themselves day in and day out. So why are you dragging your feet when you want to be dancing? The answer starts with understanding the causes of low energy in females. Modern society functions on the hustle and […] Read more…

Red Pill & Blue Pill in a Man's Hands

To Destroy the Red Pill Philosophy, We Must First Understand It

It’s the year 2020, which means there are certain issues we just shouldn’t have to deal with anymore. One of the most preposterous and horrifying of these is the idea that women enjoy too much freedom. The “men’s rights movement” sweeping through the United States may also be referred to, interchangeably, as “red pill” philosophy. […] Read more…

Pink Heart in Teacup

On Feminism and Motherhood

Mother’s Day falls on May 10th this year. As the holiday is getting closer, we decided to take a closer look at the history of this Hallmark holiday and any existing links between feminism and motherhood. The holiday became official in 1914, and the woman behind the holiday spent much of her life fighting against […] Read more…

Woman with Graduation Cap

20 Feminist Inspirational Quotes to Adorn Your Graduation Cap With

With graduation season just around the corner, you grads are probably starting to reflect on the past four years of your life. And you’re likely looking ahead to what’s on the horizon, too. That future is limitless, especially if you’re a woman during this time of growing female empowerment! That’s why you may be thinking […] Read more…

Woman Dancing

Addressing Gender-Based Harassment Through Song and Dance

When you have an urgent message about a difficult topic, sometimes the best way to reach the masses is through art. Having a face-to-face conversation about certain topics can be hard, but repackaging the message in a format that is entertaining as well as informative can help break down walls. Recently we’ve seen performance pieces […] Read more…

Microphone to Speak Up

If We Want True Gender Equality, This Isn’t How We Get There

Katy Perry hasn’t necessarily been a stranger to controversy this month, and the less-than-great publicity continued with a recent American Idol contestant. Last week, the show had on Contestant Benjamin Glaze, who had apparently never been kissed before, claiming he wanted to save his first kiss for his first relationship. Upon telling the American Idol […] Read more…

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