early red flags in relationships to know

Early Red Flags in Relationships to Be on the Lookout For

Everyone wants to talk about being loved — the hard part is discussing when amorous feelings turn sour. But understanding the common early red flags in relationships can help you avoid worse heartbreak down the line. When you start a new relationship, you may find yourself enshrouded in feelings of passion, desire and overwhelming fervor. […] Read more…

common reproductive health problems in adolescence

Reproductive Health Problems in Adolescence

You may be familiar with the expression that the children are our future, but what happens when they grow up and experience difficulties having children of their own? Understanding some of the common reproductive health problems in adolescence can be key to preventing future problems. Whether you’re a parent or a teenager worried about reproductive […] Read more…

tips on how to ask for what you want in bed

How to Ask for What You Want in Bed

When you roll out of bed in the morning, you probably don’t have any noteworthy problems with asking your significant other to help you out by brewing the coffee or moving the clothes out of the dryer. But when you get home for the day, unwind with your partner and kick-start a little romance, do […] Read more…

why probiotics are important to health

Why Probiotics Are Important to Health

Whenever you casually stroll through the dairy section of your local grocery store, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by yogurt products that claim to work wonders for your body through the power of probiotics. You may wonder why probiotics are important to health. The appearance of probiotics doesn’t stop just there. Walk through the […] Read more…

benefits of kegel exercises

4 Astounding Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Self-care is vital, which is why we’re betting your beauty counter is brimming with sunscreen, face masks and maybeeee a few bottles of your favorite wine to help you relax? But if you’re worried about protecting your body, be sure not to neglect your precious womanly areas as well! Ever hear of the benefits of […] Read more…

facts about the reproductive system of women

5 Super Cool Facts About the Reproductive System of Females

Ladies, we know the female reproductive system can be elusive. Aside from trying to keep track of Aunt Flo’s visits, your reproductive system can also decide to throw you for some other unique loops from time to time. What weird and interesting facts about the reproductive system do you know off the top of your […] Read more…

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