why probiotics are important to health

Why Probiotics Are Important to Health

Whenever you casually stroll through the dairy section of your local grocery store, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by yogurt products that claim to work wonders for your body through the power of probiotics. You may wonder why probiotics are important to health. The appearance of probiotics doesn’t stop just there. Walk through the […] Read more…

benefits of kegel exercises

4 Astounding Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Self-care is vital, which is why we’re betting your beauty counter is brimming with sunscreen, face masks and maybeeee a few bottles of your favorite wine to help you relax? But if you’re worried about protecting your body, be sure not to neglect your precious womanly areas as well! Ever hear of the benefits of […] Read more…

facts about the reproductive system of women

5 Super Cool Facts About the Reproductive System of Females

Ladies, we know the female reproductive system can be elusive. Aside from trying to keep track of Aunt Flo’s visits, your reproductive system can also decide to throw you for some other unique loops from time to time. What weird and interesting facts about the reproductive system do you know off the top of your […] Read more…

causes of low energy in females

The Most Common Causes of Low Energy in Females

“Why am I so tired?” runs through the mind as one of the top questions women ask themselves day in and day out. So why are you dragging your feet when you want to be dancing? The answer starts with understanding the causes of low energy in females. Modern society functions on the hustle and […] Read more…

Red Pill & Blue Pill in a Man's Hands

To Destroy the Red Pill Philosophy, We Must First Understand It

It’s the year 2018, which means there are certain issues we just shouldn’t have to deal with anymore. One of the most preposterous and horrifying of these is the idea that women enjoy too much freedom. The “men’s rights movement” sweeping through the United States may also be referred to, interchangeably, as “red pill” philosophy. […] Read more…

Pink Heart in Teacup

On Feminism and Motherhood

Mother’s Day falls on May 13th this year. As the holiday is getting closer, we decided to take a closer look at the history of this Hallmark holiday and any existing links between feminism and motherhood. The holiday became official in 1914, and the woman behind the holiday spent much of her life fighting against […] Read more…

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