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Mental health is a severely under-discussed but incredibly important aspect of overall well-being. Our minds affect our bodies, and our bodies our minds. This archive includes all of our posts on mental health advice for women and girls. Pleas enjoy, and I hope you choose to share a few to raise awareness and help end the stigma around discussing mental health issues in women and men alike!

sudden mood swings in females

4 of the Most Common Reasons for Sudden Mood Swings in Females

Sometimes, we find ourselves transitioning from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. If you’re a female, you know all too well that many people will chock sudden mood swings in females up to their menstrual cycles. And if you’re not on your period, then you must be emotionally unstable or weak, right? In […] Read more…

superstitious beliefs about menstruation

Superstitious Beliefs About Menstruation

You might have heard that you shouldn’t wear white pants while on your period, but did you know that according to one of the many superstitious beliefs about menstruation, you shouldn’t paint your nails or dye your hair either? For thousands of years, superstitious beliefs about menstruation have been passed down amongst the generations and […] Read more…

Are Panic Attacks During Periods More Common?

Scene: You head into the office and prepare yourself for the long day of work ahead. But the second you walk through the front door, your heartbeat fancies itself a dangerous djembe drum beat. You rub your hands against the front of your pants to wipe off the pooling sweat. When you finally sit down […] Read more…

menstrual cycle psychological effects

Menstrual Cycle Psychological Effects

For some people, their period comes once every 28 days. For others, it tends to sneak up quicker or take even longer to occur. But regardless of when your period makes its eventful debut, most women tend to have one thing in common — menstrual cycle psychological effects that impact our moods. But while you […] Read more…

can stress cause ibs in women

Can Stress Cause IBS?

Does Aunt Flo have a cousin?? If she did, they’d go by the initials “IBS” — or irritable bowel syndrome. These cousins have a lot in common! They can make you feel crampy, bloaty, gassy and often less than fancy. By nature’s design, Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit, but IBS symptoms come and go […] Read more…

Red Pill & Blue Pill in a Man's Hands

To Destroy the Red Pill Philosophy, We Must First Understand It

It’s the year 2020, which means there are certain issues we just shouldn’t have to deal with anymore. One of the most preposterous and horrifying of these is the idea that women enjoy too much freedom. The “men’s rights movement” sweeping through the United States may also be referred to, interchangeably, as “red pill” philosophy. […] Read more…

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