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Mental health is a severely under-discussed but incredibly important aspect of overall well-being. Our minds affect our bodies, and our bodies our minds. This archive includes all of our posts on mental health advice for women and girls. Pleas enjoy, and I hope you choose to share a few to raise awareness and help end the stigma around discussing mental health issues in women and men alike!

gender differences in addiction

Gender Differences in Addiction: Women Recover from Addiction Differently Than Men

Guest Post by John Kahal Although it can honestly be called an equal opportunity destroyer, when considering gender differences in addiction and recovery, some unique features are revealed. Just as certain gender-related factors can contribute to substance preferences, how long it took to become addicted and which underlying issues might drive the addiction, distinct gender […] Read more…

gender differences in mental health 2

Gender Differences in Mental Health

In generations past, so-called “experts” have put forth many misguided notions on the path toward understanding the human brain and perceived gender differences in mental health. One of the first and most sexist mental disorder designated to women was called “hysteria” — supposedly caused by what doctors referred to as “wandering wombs” — and was […] Read more…

why pets are good for you

Why Pets Are Good for You and Your Mental Health

Did you know this past Sunday was National Dog Day? If you’re a dog owner, maybe you took your pooch out to the dog park for this special day! Pets can have a bigger impact on our lives than we may realize. Their companionship has proven mental health benefits, not to mention those cute faces! […] Read more…

Harassment Investigation Procedures

Harassment Investigation Procedures After #MeToo: Workplace Safety, Health and Happiness

Women have made great strides over the past year or so in bringing to light the complicated and sensitive topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. In the wake of the start of #MeToo, #TimesUp and similar movements, many are asking: what changes have been made, and what changes can we continue to make? The […] Read more…

Bodyform Blood Normal Campaign

Why We Love the Bodyform Blood Normal Campaign

Few things are more crucial and natural than periods. In fact, you wouldn’t be here to read this article if your mother didn’t have a normal and healthy menstrual cycle. Yet somehow, we still live in a society where the most biological process is swept under the rug and replaced with a censored version of […] Read more…

sudden mood swings in females

4 of the Most Common Reasons for Sudden Mood Swings in Females

Sometimes, we find ourselves transitioning from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. If you’re a female, you know all too well that many people will chock sudden mood swings in females up to their menstrual cycles. And if you’re not on your period, then you must be emotionally unstable or weak, right? In […] Read more…

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