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anxiety symptoms in women

Anxiety Symptoms in Women and Gender Differences in Anxiety Disorders

A racing heart, sweaty palms, a feeling of impending doom — all of these are anxiety symptoms in women. More women than ever experience an anxiety disorder at least once during their lifetimes. For some, coping with anxiety becomes a lifelong battle. More women than men experience anxiety, and researchers have identified multiple gender differences […] Read more…

are you developing anxiety in your 20s

Developing Anxiety in Your 20s: How Common Is It?

Does developing anxiety in your 20s happen because of biology or environment? You kick off into the world nervously as you enter your second set of double-digit years. Welcome to this thing called adulting. It’s natural for you to feel lost, worried or nervous as you enter and exit college. You rush through all these […] Read more…

high estrogen and anxiety2

High-Estrogen and Anxiety: Is There a Link?

Do you find yourself feeling anxious on a nearly daily basis? Life’s stressful — and we get that. When you have to juggle work, family matters and chores, it’s almost a given that you’ll feel a little tense every now and again. But did you know there’s a link between high estrogen and anxiety? If […] Read more…

gender differences in addiction

Gender Differences in Addiction: Women Recover from Addiction Differently Than Men

Guest Post by John Kahal Although it can honestly be called an equal opportunity destroyer, when considering gender differences in addiction and recovery, some unique features are revealed. Just as certain gender-related factors can contribute to substance preferences, how long it took to become addicted and which underlying issues might drive the addiction, distinct gender […] Read more…

gender differences in mental health 2

Gender Differences in Mental Health

In generations past, so-called “experts” have put forth many misguided notions on the path toward understanding the human brain and perceived gender differences in mental health. One of the first and most sexist mental disorder designated to women was called “hysteria” — supposedly caused by what doctors referred to as “wandering wombs” — and was […] Read more…

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