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raw food diet pros and cons to consider

Raw Food Diet Pros and Cons

Maybe you’re researching diets in an attempt to shed those few pesky pounds hanging on to your hips. Or perhaps you’re motivated by a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. For many people, the decision to commit to a new diet ultimately stems from an underlying wish to optimize their sense of well-being. If you’re […] Read more…

most common cancer in women what is it

What Is the Most Common Cancer in Women?

Today, it’s not uncommon to have a few friends, family members, or loved ones with cancer. Since over one-third of people will experience a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime, making an effort to learn more about this illness is beneficial to anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. But while cancer impacts both men and […] Read more…

what to drink instead of coffee to wake up every morning

What to Drink Instead of Coffee to Wake up

Although coffee seems to have become synonymous with a successful early morning routine, this caffeine-laden substance simply isn’t for everyone. Maybe the taste of coffee makes your purse your lips. Or perhaps you were once so coffee-obsessed that drinking too much of this drink gave you the jitters. Regardless of your reason to swear off […] Read more…

the most common female health problems to know

20 Most Common Female Health Problems

Both men and women alike have an equal chance of experiencing health-related mishaps during their lifetime. But some specific health problems are much more prevalent in women, and the most common female health problems deserve recognition — especially when considering their rates of occurrence. What Are Some of the Most Common Female Health Problems? You […] Read more…

how does eyebrow threading work for me

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

Wax. Strip. Rip. Tweeze. Repeat. It might seem as though you have only one option for swiftly reshaping your brows, but threading can be a better alternative for your arches. Of course, if you haven’t had the treatment before, you’re likely wondering, “how does eyebrow threading work?” The process is just as precise and, for […] Read more…

sharp stomach pain after eating what causes it

Sharp Stomach Pain After Eating: What Might Be Causing It?

Maybe you ate a meal that set your senses on fire — and a few other body parts, as it turns out. You feel abdominal pain that sharpens progressively even well after the meal. What do you do when you feel sharp stomach pain after eating? What might cause it? From overeating to pelvic inflammatory […] Read more…

best pool workouts for athletes who are injured

Pool Workouts for Athletes Who Are Injured

Being an athlete means grueling through intense workouts — which often indicates putting oneself at an increased risk for injury, too. If you’re a self-proclaimed athlete, you’re all too familiar with the hurt and damage commonly associated with your sport. Do you know how beneficial pool workouts for athletes who are injured can be? Although […] Read more…

what are the signs you need to drink more water

Signs You Need to Drink More Water

Water is the building block of life — which we’d say earns this liquid a pretty important spot in most people’s daily routine. But while getting your daily source of H2O may seem relatively simple, it’s easy for the signs of dehydration to sneak in when you don’t fill up your cup quite as often […] Read more…

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