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While the focus of this particular women’s health blog is female reproductive and sexual health, anyone can use a tip or two on general healthy living now and again! So this archive has all of our broader-scope posts on healthy living tips for women and girls. Enjoy!

should a woman exercise during her period yes because there are so many benefits of exercise during period

Benefits of Exercise During Period Weeks

Periods can leave you feeling bloated and unenergetic, which gives you the perfect excuse to sit on the coach and spoon globs of ice cream into your mouth while catching up on your favorite series on Netflix — right? If you’re bloated, might as well put a food baby in there! But the benefits of […] Read more…

gut hormone connection

Is There Really a Gut-Hormone Connection?

You know how significant it is to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and you realize that keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape is just as important, too. But you may be asking yourself, “What do the two have to do with each other?” The answer to that quest rests within an understanding of the […] Read more…

Woman's Teeth

5 Interesting Facts About Oral Health You May Not Have Known

Best practices for oral health care have evolved over time just like anything else. Just like beauty standards, some of what people believe and practice makes you go, “Seriously?” while others inspire you in a Pinterest-DIY-hopeful kind of way. One of the most interesting facts about oral health? Everyone thinks they’re an expert on it! […] Read more…

Chocolate Frosted Donut

Is Chocolate Good for Your Period Weeks?

When Aunt Flo visits every month, your first instinct might be to reach for the chocolate. It’s the best excuse for keeping a stash of chocolate in the freezer, even if you dip into it occasionally at other times in the month. Is chocolate good for your period, though? Our opinion on the subject is […] Read more…

health benefits of gardening

Health Benefits of Gardening: Why Gardening Is Good for Mind and Body

Bare fingers and toes break into the soil — there’s nothing like connecting with the Earth, the scent of lemon verbena absorbing into your skin. How often do we dull our senses in favor of convenience and the numbness of living life on autopilot? Are you aware of the health benefits of gardening? More and more […] Read more…

yoga poses for ovulation

Yoga Poses for Ovulation You Need to Try

If you’re planning on starting a family, few things are more stressful than seeing only one line pop up on your much-anticipated pregnancy tests. Sometimes, a bit of stress causes hormones to go out of whack. And other times, the pressure of trying to conceive is just too much. Fortunately, a little downward dog and […] Read more…

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