Interested in writing for So Well, So Woman? Cool — I’m totally down to consider your work! Please send 2-3 writing samples and a few ideas for article topics.

Before you click over to my contact page, please read my guidelines:

– Word Count: You should be able to write an article of at least 600 words. 800+ is better!
– Audience: I write about topics related to women’s health. Having said that, I’m happy to consider articles that are a little bit outside of that scope if I deem them to be relevant and of interest to my audience. Hit me with some questions about it if you’re unsure and we’ll chat 🙂

Other considerations:

– If your article has already been published elsewhere, it will be rejected. Sorry, only orig content here!
– If it’s clear that your article is solely for SEO purposes/you include affiliate links, it probably will not be published. However, if your client has something new or relevant to add to the conversation, we can talk about it.
– I reserve the right to edit or remove elements of your post as I see fit. I won’t change the main message of your article, but I will make sure it meets the site’s standards and voice.
– Unfortunately, I cannot pay you for your posts. I offer this opportunity to fellow writers who want a chance to practice and get their name out there.

Sound super cool? Great! Fill out my contact form and we can get started!