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Many of the “best women’s blogs on health” tend to say the same old things. Try this goop. Hack your cleaning routine to get more sleep. When that fails, sage everything. Well, that’s what it feels like sometimes, anyway.

Among all those trending and repetitive posts, though, are some real gems that educate and titillate. Being a woman can be confusing, and you’ve got questions! What should we know about our unique mental health concerns? How often should you change your pad or tampon? What should we know about breast cancer detection, or STIs?

You’ve got questions and they’ve got answers! Here are a few of the best women’s blogs on health that truly top the charts.

Fit and Feminist

There’s only one, long word for this feminist site, and that’s “Yassss!” Fit and Feminist’s tagline reads: “Because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy.”

Caitlin Constantine runs the show over at Fit and Feminist, and her posts tackle fitness from a feminist perspective on topics like health at every size, food and food politics and the ladies’ guide to the weight room. Fit and Feminist also addresses personal safety, making it one of the most resourceful feminist websites out there.

Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves, now a nonprofit, serves women globally through their posts and initiatives by disseminating and distilling information from scholarly scientific resources and women’s real-life experiences. Combining the two assists communities and individual women with making informed decisions about sexuality, reproduction and health.

This is one of the best women’s blogs on health because it tackles really important, women-specific topics, but they also facilitate dialogue surrounding human and health rights. The OBOS blog enforces no discriminating boundaries, and intergenerational women share their cross-cultural and personal experiences with each other.

Cycle Dork

At first glance, Cycle Dork’s name places it among several associations — cycling, recycling, the moon, washing your clothes and periods, among others. Those last two together — all the dread.

Much like So Well, So Woman strives to do, Cycle Dork shares period-positive posts to “undo the taboo.” Their content aims to empower and arm you with educational information about your body and cycle. Cycle Dork also talks about more than periods, from healing C-section scars to addressing your gut health in order to improve your cycle and overall wellbeing.

The Period Blog

No matter your age, you always have questions about your period. The learning never stops — and the beginning could use improvement, too.

That’s the sweet spot that The Period Blog serves — from giving a period beginner the confidence to insert a tampon to helping a hoping-to-expect woman calculate when she ovulates. The blog goes over anatomy and addresses those painfully-shy questions all women have while making light-hearted fun of the worst period stories and funniest period stories.

The Period Blog truly builds period-positive sisterhood, making it one of the best women’s blogs on health with a reproductive angle.

Prevention RD

Registered dietitian Nicole Morrissey’s blog Prevention RD focuses on prevention through eating healthily since good health starts in the gut. Food is medicine, and Morrissey lists a slew of tasty and healthy recipes for all kinds of diets, needs and categories, such as gluten-free, crock pot, healthy dinners, vegetarian and low carbs.

The content is far from dry. Morrissey’s personal perspective will draw you right in and make you hungry as you read. With easy instructions and educational material, keep up with Prevention RD to keep living life your healthiest and best.


HelloFlo is another one of the best women’s blogs on health that tackles specifically reproductive- and sexually-focused questions and topics. The editing and writing team at HelloFlo is exceptional and takes the time to go out and do on-the-ground journalism, interviewing health experts in the field to provide women with real, fact-based advice.

If you like So Well, So Woman, you will almost certainly enjoy HelloFlo too. It’s another great place for period positivity and reproductive advice.

International Women’s Health Coalition Blog

Stay updated with current events and politics surrounding women’s health. Bookmark the International Women’s Health Coalition Blog. The globally-reaching nonprofit empowers girls and women to achieve justice economically, environmentally and socially through their promotion of women’s healthcare needs and rights.

IWHC ‘s recent blog headlines address everything from the Trump administration’s Domestic Gag Rule proposal to how feminism in Argentina closes in on expanded abortion rights. Remaining strong as you read current events in an age of fake news challenges your grit and patience, but IWHC also provides uplifting stores to keep the hope and information flow coming.

Holistic Squid

The Holistic Squid blog is far from pie-in-the-sky guru advice. From DIY beauty to Chinese medicine and more, Holistic Squid offers actionable and practical advice for women focused on holistic and healthy living. While this health blog does have tentacles, there aren’t any sticky surprises.

Check out the Best Women’s Blogs on Health

These are some of the best women’s blogs on health that continue to make viral rounds for several reasons — they’re transparent, earnest, educational, accessible and witty. I hope you will stick around here at So Well, So Woman too 🙂 Just keep reading and learning! Put your health first and watch everything else in life thrive.

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