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Lower abdominal pain after sex may be nothing to worry about, but it could be something, too. Maybe you planned on going to the gym at some point, but it feels like your abs are already working themselves out after you had a steamy staycation in Funkytown!

Have you been finding yourself asking, “Why do I have lower abdominal pain after intercourse?” You’re not alone! It’s actually common, but lower abdominal pain after sexually active adventures can really leave you wondering if you should’ve bent that way after all.

You’ve got plenty of causes to consider, because the female reproductive system can be as elusive as it is life-giving. From deep penetration to orgasm, many causes could explain these rogue lower abdominal cramps after sex.

You Got Jacked by His Ejaculation


Well, it’s what’s inside that really counts. His semen contains prostaglandin, and when those suckers shout “Freedom!” and charge into you, you might experience an allergic reaction to his ejaculation.

It’s not just him, though. The hormone levels of prostaglandin increase during the start of menstruation, cueing cramps during the first three days of your period, so your period pains may feel more intense than usual for this reason. So period-like pain after intercourse may be nothing to worry about, but lasting intense abdominal pain after intercourse is worth checking in with a doctor about.

New Strokes with Different Folks

Maybe you didn’t like doing the diddly with your doofus ex, so you moved on to do-si-do with someone else. Well, tango. Either way, when you switch partners, you may experience inflammation and irritation.

Different equipment can mean adjustments for both of your bodies — it’s generally normal and nothing to be too concerned about. If you stay with this partner, though, and the abdominal pain from sex persists, it might be a good idea to see your gynecologist, just in case. Inflammation and irritation can also occur when you start having sex again after taking a bit of a hiatus.

When Sex Is Reproductive Organ Hockey


Deep penetration can scar vaginal nerve endings and make the area sore. The penis can also knock your reproductive organs around a little.

The pain deep in your pelvis might be due to the temporary relocation of your cervix thanks to your partner’s overenthusiastic use of his hockey stick. If abdominal pain during and after sex keeps up, you may want to ask your partner to take it a little easier.

The One-Sided Egg Twitch

When you’re cramping a few days after sex, sometimes your eggs are the ones twitching. Hel-lo, ovulation cramping! Your ovary releases the egg right in the middle of your cycle, and you’ll sometimes feel an evil twitch-twinge of doom on one side of the abdomen.

The egg survives up to 24 hours, and only one egg gets released. So, lower abdominal pain after sex on one side is normal in this case. Remember that pain in your right abdomen after sex may be normal if it clears up, but if it gets worse you should see a doctor, as you could have appendicitis.

Your Uterus Won the Orgasmic Lotto


Hello, stars of wonder! You’re all tingly and want to ride that ride again.

So, you do — until you can’t anymore. Lower abdominal pain after sex can also be due to uterine contractions after intercourse, spurred on by too much orgasming. Too much orgasming? Who knew!

Cyst Magnifique!

That lower abdominal pain after sexually active nights can also mean a larger ovarian cyst is to blame. Don’t panic yet — ovarian cysts are actually normal during your period. You usually won’t feel pain, but every so often you might.

Experiencing cramps right when Aunt Flo comes a-calling is usually due to ovarian cysts, which sex can also disrupt. This is actually a very common cause of female abdominal pain after sec, but any lasting pain should be checked out by a doctor.

Uterine fibroids — benign growths that hang out around the uterus — may also be to blame. Uterine fibroids may be small as a seed to lump-sized and distending your abdomen. Again, a doctor will need to be involved in order to properly diagnose this.

The Dreaded UTI


Crampy, lower abdominal pain after sex or during the act may also mean you may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), which causes you to pee more frequently, and can also make it painful to urinate. Your UTI may also come with back pain and cloudy urine. UTIs need to be checked out by a doctor to get them cleared up. They can progress into more serious issues if not.


Endometriosis may be to blame if you witness atypical vaginal bleeding with lower abdominal cramps after sex. At some point, you’ll likely see no period but have bloating and cramping after intercourse, while also experiencing chronic fatigue and pain during bowel movement and urination. Endometriosis affects your sex life and fertility by causing pain during sex and making it hard to conceive.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common STD, and also one of the common causes of lower abdominal pain after sex. The bacterial infection affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. You can also get it when inserting an intrauterine device or getting an endometrial biopsy. The most common symptom is that lower abdominal pain after sex.

Ovarian Cancer

Cramps without a period signal a chance that you may have ovarian cancer, but only one in 79 women risks developing invasive ovarian cancer in her lifetime. While it’s the 11th most common kind of cancer among women, older women are more at risk than younger women.

Book a doctor’s appointment if you notice this symptom along with frequent urination and abdominal swelling. Your period may become irregular, too. What sucks is that many symptoms also resemble other potential causes, but that’s also good because it’s more likely that what you’re experiencing is a result of one of the other less severe conditions on this list. Make the appointment regardless.

Bun in the Oven?


Lower stomach pain may occur after ovulation and signals the case of implantation cramping — mild cramps are an initial sign of conception, along with spotting. The spotting usually lasts 10 to 14 days after ovulation, and the cramping may occur as twinges. Abnormal cramping occurs when you have sex during the implantation period.

Lower abdominal pain after sex during pregnancy is another commonly reported symptom, so perhaps take a pregnancy test soon! Give the body time to increase its HCG levels, so the test will pick up on it. You might have a bun in the oven!

Aunt Flo’s Going into Retirement

Menopause may be on the horizon if you have severe cramping at other times, besides sex, along with irregular periods. You may experience pain and friction after intercourse. See your doctor. Is Aunt Flo ready to retire her red wings?

Check Your Gut

Abdominal pains and cramping before or after intercourse could be due to digestive issues. Check your gut with your doctor for problems around indigestion, constipation, trapped wind, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. And like the rules for the pool, take it easy after eating.

Sudden lower abdominal pain may also be due to a pulled ab muscle, gallstones, kidney stones or appendicitis. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a doctor. An angry appendix is worse than an angry uterus in this case.

So, What’s with Lower Abdominal Pain After Sex?


Are you allergic to your partner’s swimmers? Is Mother Nature’s monthly gift finally on it’s way out? Is it all just trapped wind? The female body holds many beautiful and frustrating secrets, so your best bet is to see a doctor about any persistent pains you’re experiencing. And tell your partner to take it easy on the organ hockey, and take nap after big meals — just in case.

Lower abdominal pain after sex can mean many things, and unfortunately, you can’t look right down at your lady bits and solve the mystery right away. So, pay close attention to your body and honor its needs. <3

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