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Since expanding my writing outside of my blog, I’ve discovered such a beautiful community of women banded together for a common cause. They make themselves heard through their writing at various wonderful feminist sites and blogs, and so can you!

These best feminist websites offer opportunities for writers outside of their staff to contribute articles and comments. Or, you can just read and stay educated. Either way, here are a few really great feminist sites to start you off.

Role Reboot


Role Reboot wants to do exactly what its name suggests — change up the outdated stereotypes of what men and women’s roles should be. The site is all about personal narratives and encourages users to upload their own articles and stories.


Ravishly is all about intersectional feminism and loving your body. They’re also a great site for feminist parents, as they also talk about motherhood and children, and even have an entire “family” category on their site.



An independent Canadian magazine, Shameless strives to be an alternative to the teen magazines that are already out there. They focus on young women and trans youth, including DIY crafts and sports along with their coverage of feminism and cultural issues.


Mookychick is another feminist website that encourages people to send in their stories. They’re all about personal stories, reviews and even unique stuff like magic and mysticism. They’re looking for more contributors that are queer, trans, disabled and people of color so that their stories can be heard more.

Rebelle Society


Rebelle Society is completely about self-expression and the power of words and mixed media. They don’t believe that there’s any set reality. We all have the power to be the creators of our own realities and to change the issues that matter to us if we work together.

Feminist Wednesday

Their tagline is “viva la beaver” so you already know they’re great. It’s a feminist storytelling community that was started to get more positive stories about women out there, since the media takes the word “feminist” out of context. Feminism should be about empowering other women, not bringing them down.


Bust is a women’s lifestyle magazine that’s known for being both humorous and honest. Notable past cover stars include Tina Fey and the women of Broad City. Bust is one of those great feminist sites that celebrates being female and also reports the latest trends for educated gals.

The Radical Notion


The Radical Notion emphasizes social justice along with feminism. They don’t tolerate the trash talking of women or men, as they want to be inclusive of everyone in the feminist movement. They are all about intersectionality, and they also encourage males to discuss their roles as feminists.

The F Word

The F Word is geared toward contemporary UK feminism. While it isn’t age-exclusive, it tends to promote younger feminists and showcases the new, fresh faces of today’s diverse feminism movement.

Everyday Feminism


There aren’t many topics that Everyday Feminism doesn’t cover. They’re very serious about inclusion and making sure that everyone’s voices are heard. They talk about the big, tough issues that people tend to shy away from because they’re topics that the world needs to hear.

Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency is an educational organization that uses their videos to analyze the media and their impact on society and its issues. They want people to think critically about the media and the way it portrays things. They also recently released an awesome new web series about pop culture and its connection with social and political issues!

Girls’ Globe


Girls’ Globe works to educate and inspire people around the world. Their team is definitely global, with contributors on almost every continent. They’re one of the best women’s blogs on health since they’re such a great source for normalizing health-related topics that many people seem to be afraid to discuss, like menstruation and mental health.


Anybody is focused on how females are represented in current society. They challenge the limited stereotypes that are so often called upon, and encourage body positivity and activism to change society’s views on women.

The Body Is Not An Apology


The Body Is Not An Apology is a self-described radical movement for self-love and feeling empowered by our body types. They aim to counter the societal assault on our bodies that makes us feel insecure.


Feimineach, which is Irish for “feminist,” shares a lot of content that encourages thinking and debate about the state of feminism today. There are in-depth opinion posts as well as frequent contributions from guests.

Fun Feminist Sites Are Everywhere!

Of course, I hope you will follow or continue to follow my blog as well 🙂 These 15 feminist websites all come highly recommended, and I’ve worked with a few of them myself. Their editors are passionate and dedicated people who work tirelessly to provide access to great web material for social justice warriors. So you can stop searching the Internet for your next favorite feminist site — we’re sure you’ll find at least one site you love on this list!

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